What is a Digital Electronics Online Course?

What is a Digital Electronics Online Course

Digital electronics is the branch of electronics that deals with the digital layout of codes and data. In digital electronics, there are only two possible conditions, either 0, called low logic, or 1, called high logic. Digital electronics also refers to the part of electronic circuitry that converts digital signals. Few appliances in such domains encompass gates, decoders, and multiplexers. These electronics are also mathematical facets encompassing computers, phones, and other products. 

C programming online courses can also be included in these digital electronic courses, as this programming language is essential for all devices. Digital electronics is the foundation of new or modern computers and several digital communications. These digital electronics are a little complex as thousands and millions of gates can be developed in a single IC called a microprocessor. Such circuits will do millions of processing in a second.  

What will you learn? 

In the digital electronics online course, you will get things regarding several design problems based on transforming the voltage of a triangular point to a voltage of the sinusoidal output. The circuits of Op-amp based on favourable feedback and the Schmitt trigger applications will also be learned from these courses. You will also learn about the benefits of the Schmitt trigger and various operating principles of the sinusoidal oscillator. 

Moreover, you will understand the fundamental logical operations, facilitating various logical processes, and utilizing Karnaugh maps to underrate a provided logical process. Also, the introduction of the binary system and various operations of multiplexers will be covered in these courses. Finally, you will get known to generally used things known as ICs (Integrated Circuits). 

Who will benefit from this course?

The digital electronic online course is beneficial for learners eager to get the whole system of digital circuits. Such courses will be advantageous when the learner needs to understand the binary system of numbers and various commercial ICs. This course will benefit engineering students who want to learn various principle operations of a sinusoidal oscillator. 

Course Goals and Objectives:

  • The main aim of this course is to educate the students for a bright and successful career in digital electronics. 
  • To get good learning about digital electronics. 
  • The person working in different domains but is interested in digital electronics can take benefit of online learning portals, which will save their time and other actions. 
  • During coursework, you will know how to formulate digital circuits by using basic gates, logic gates, and K-maps. 
  • To allow you to execute various simple logical systems using combinational logic circuits.
  • You can learn about various number systems and number bases that have a significant role in the computer world.
  • You will be able to know about fault finding and building several digital electronic circuits. 
  • You can enforce synchronous state machines by making use of flip-flops. 
  • You will have a good holding of how to utilize test appliances such as oscilloscopes, multimeters, pulsars, and logic probes to execute the techniques of systematic fault finding.


At last, this course’s primary aim and goal are to make you an all-rounder in the domain of digital electronics. 

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