Do you have a chemistry exam within a few days? Are you worried about your revisions? Do you want to know some tips which can help you revise chemistry?Chemistry is a subject that requires deep knowledge and constant practice. If you have learned every chapter of chemistry with a detailed understanding, then no one can stop you from cracking the examination with flying colors. But there is a huge difference between learning the chapter for the examination and revising the chapter before the day of the examination. If you want, then before the day of the examination you can look for the 12th chemistry book back answers. If you are wondering why it is essential to look for the answers that are at the back of the chapters and what tips can help you revise chemistry, then you need to read the following part of the article. 

How to revise chemistry properly? 

Go over the NCERT notes:- Before the day of your chemistry examination, it is not beneficial to read all the chapters from the beginning. Because there are 16 chapters of chemistry in the CBSE class 12th examination. Now you can understand that reading each chapter will take more than 30 minutes, so if you start reading the 16 chapters from the beginning, it will take you hours to complete. Investing several hours in reading the chapter before the day of your exam is not at all a good idea. It is always suggested to the student to prepare the notes from the chapter of the NCERT when they start studying for the exam so that during the time of the revision, the notes from the NCERT book come in handy. The notes that students prepare during the time of learning must contain all the essential points and formulas and mathematics interpretations. If you have created the notes from the NCERT chapters, then before the day of the exam, start revising from the notes. But if you didn’t prepare the notes, then you do not have to panic because nowadays, there are many portals that provide students with the notes of NCERT. If you are confused about where you can get the notes of NCERT at the last moment, then you should not worry because Infinity Learn is always there to help you with the notes of NCERT. 

 • Practice the chemical equations: – Revising the concept alone is not beneficial to secure a good score in your chemistry examination. It is important to keep in mind that chemical equations play a crucial role in the world of chemistry. Your mind should be familiar with the chemical reactions and their equations. In every chapter of chemistry, you will find certain types of reactions that you need to remember because many questions may arise from those chemical reactions. A chemical reaction is not something that you can just muggle up. Hence, before the day of your examination, it isessential to revise those chemical equations. The best way to revise chemical equations is to practice writing them without seeing them in the book. By taking reference from the NCERT chemistry book, you can easily find out the chemical equations that are very crucial for your examination. The NCERT book will also give you a detailed idea of the reason why the chemical reaction is taking place.

 • Practice the questions:-Revising the notes or practicing the chemical equation is not sufficient. After you have revised the notes and practiced the equation, you need to test your skills. In other words, after revising, you need to test whether you have a detailed knowledge of all the chapters of chemistry or not. Now the question arises, how can you test your understanding? The only way to test your understanding is by solving different kinds of questions of different levels. At the end of each chapter in the NCERT chemistry book, you will find a question bank that includes several questions that are very important for your examination. If you have solved the question earlier, then after revising from the notes, try to solve those questions on your own without the help of the book. If you are unable to solve any question, then consider it your weak area, on which you need to work to gain more knowledge. It is advisable not to neglect those weak areas because if those questions appear in the examination, you will find them difficult to answer. 


Many students often panic the day before the examination. But there is nothing to worry about it if you have good preparation. Going through the NCERT book will boost your confidence. Hence, if you are dedicated to your studies, no one can stop you from scoring good marks. If you are looking for the solutions to the chapter, then you can easily get them. For example, if you are looking for the solutions of NCERT chapter 1, then you can type “chemistry class 12 ncert solutions chapter 1“.

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