When a line segment joins any two points present on the circle’s circumference, the line segment can be referred to as the chord of the circle. Diameter is also one of the chords of the circle. The most important thing to remember is that the diameter always passes through the centric point of the circle. 

What is the definition of a circle’s chord?  

Two points that are present in the circumference of the circle when joined by a line segment forms a chord of a circle. Numerous line segments can be drawn, keeping the circle as a base, but the chord is different from others because the finishing points of the chord always lie in the circumference of the circle. The endpoint of the diameter lies in the circumference of the circle, and the diameter goes through the center of the circle while dividing the circle into two equal parts, the diameter can be considered as the chord of the circle. 

What are the different properties of the chord of a circle?

• Whenever the perpendicular is drawn over the chord of a circle from the center of the circle, the perpendicular bisects the chord into two equal parts. 

•When two chords of a circle are placed at an equal distance from the center, the two chords becomes equal to each other.

• With the help of three collinear points, only one circle can be drawn. 

•The region of the circle gets divided into two parts whenever a chord is drawn in the circle. The two parts are named the “major segment” and “minor segment.” 

•A secant is formed when a chord is stretched infinitely from both ends. 

What is the diameter of a circle defined as? 

A line segment that passes through the centric point of the circle and divides the circle into two equal segments is known as a diameter of a circle. The finishing points of the line segment always lie at the circumference of the circle. It has been seen that the diameter is the only lengthiest chord that touches the circumference of a circle. It can also be stated that the diameter of any circle is equal to twice its radius. 

Radius is the length of the line segment that is drawn from the center of the circle to any point on the circumference. There is an infinite number of points that can be figured out in the circumference of the circle. Hence, an infinite number of diameters can be drawn. It is also important to count that all the diameters that can be drawn in the circle are of equal length. Hence an infinite number of radius can be drawn in a circle. 

Formula to find the diameter 

•Using radius:- Diameter of a circle can be calculated while using radius. The diameter of the circle is equal to the radius multiplied by two, D=r×2 

•Using circumference:- Circumference can be used to calculate the circle’s circumference. You can calculate the circle’s diameter by dividing the circumference with π, Diameter=Circumference/π.


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