How to decorate your home?

How to decorate your home?

Professional interior designers are paid the big bucks to ensure your house looks really good. They highlight the strengths of your home and try to conceal if not eliminate the flaws. The process of how to make a small room look bigger or how to illuminate dark corners and other such ideas can be drawn from their work. A carpet here and a rug there can transform an entire space.

When you are decorating your house, it can be overwhelming to see which decorative piece is best suited to the room. A bad mix of décor can make the room look cluttered or worse, shabby. Here are some ideas to remember when decorating your home.

Lasting first impression – They say first impressions are often long-lasting and it is very true. The front door can set the tone of the house. It can give a welcoming feeling to the person entering the house or the opposite is also true.

Mirror on every wall– Mirrors can make a room look bigger and brighter because of the reflective quality. It is always a good idea to put a mirror on a wall perpendicular to a window rather than across it. Hanging a mirror across a window will not serve the intended purpose and will bounce back the light outside again.

Syncing of sofas and chairs –Your living room furniture must complement each other as well the major furniture pieces in the house. They are the anchoring pieces of the living area and should complement each other. There should be enough space left to move about freely in the room. Choosing bigger pieces to fit into the room will make your room look smaller and cluttered.

Take some sunshine – Try to ensure that natural light in your rooms is not obstructed by any furniture. More natural light leads to the room looking bigger. It also helps save energy by avoiding using lights during the day.

Neutral colors are the key – The furnishings of the house should blend well with the walls. When decorating yourself it is safe to paint the wall with light or neutral colors like beige or tan. This gives you creative freedom while choosing the furniture pieces.

Light it up – Lighting can dramatically change the ambiance of a given pace. Lighting fixtures have transcended the trivial purpose of providing light in a room and are now used to highlight, decorate, and accent.

Rugs can make it cozy– Rugs can give a cozy and comfortable feeling to a particular room especially the living area. It is advisable to choose a rug which will fit sofas, chairs and the coffee table as well. If the rug is too small, everything in the room looks out of scale. The color of the rug can be a safe neutral to go with the rest of the furniture.

It can be exciting to convert your house to a home. Your safe space is unique to you and your personality.  Happy decorating!

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