The world’s most expensive Apple Watch case looks… kind of terrible?

Apple Watch

We’ve seen many tawdry iPhone mods and cases in our time, principally courtesy of Apple Watch “luxury” accessories complete Caviar. however it appears wearables aren’t entirely safe either, if the world’ most costly Apple case if something to travel by.

Yours for simply $15,000, Golden Concept’ ‘Diamond Edition’ Apple case is crusty with 443 diamonds. And with just seven editions available, it’ very edition – which, having taken one investigate the thing, is completely fine by me. (if you’re tempted, you would possibly wish to a minimum of avoid wasting money on the Watch itself – Apple Watch seven is at its least expensive value right now. And you’ll be able to check our roundup of the most effective Apple Watch Series 7 deals for additional offers).

incised from one block of titanium, the Diamond Edition(opens in new tab) is “the world’ initial and solely Apple case designed with real diamonds.” each bit takes per week to handcraft, and may be personalized with an engraving on the backplate. Oh, and enclosed within the price is an actual Apple Watch Series 7.

however from wherever I’m standing, the Diamond Edition is proof if proof be required that cash can’t purchase taste. For one factor, the full thing appearance merely massive. Sure, you’ll wish your 443 diamonds to draw in some attention, however the whole purpose of the Apple Watch is that it’ a sleek piece of kit. Squint your eyes, and therefore the chonky Diamond Edition can be an overseas relation of the Casio G-Shock. Oh, and if you’re a fitness freak, you would possibly want to save lots of your $15k – this 107 gram beast doesn’t sound notably marathon-friendly.

Strap Looks

then there’ the strap, that seems like one thing of an after-thought. hooked up to the current ostentatious case is, erm, a noticeable gum elastic strap. Now, I’m not requesting a diamond-encrusted strap, however if you’re aiming to purchase the world’ most costly Apple Watch case, for sure you wish it to be among one thing that appears pricier than a generic $10 strap. Golden conception says the strap is formed from “heat, cold and chemical-resistant fluorocarbon-based artificial rubber,” but you can’t see these options – and this case is arguably all regarding the appearance.

Still, believe it or not, we’ve seen worse. a lot of worse. Step forward, £2M gold PS5, Apple 1-inspired iPhone twelve and T-Rex-infused iPhone 13. however once it involves the Apple Watch, with endless strap and end combos available, you don’t have to be compelled to drop $15k to create yours look unique. look at today’ best Apple Watch Series seven deals below, and take care to require a glance at our roundup of the most recent Apple Watch Series eight rumours.

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