8 Ways to Stop Driving Around Town to Get the Things You Need

8 Ways to Stop Driving Around Town to Get the Things You Need

Adult life can feel so chaotic these days. With all the different errands and appointments to keep up with on top of work, it’s easy to get frazzled. How are you supposed to find time for yourself when there is just so much to get done? 

The good news is, you can get almost anything delivered or taken care of online now. If you’re done squandering precious minutes and gallons, try these ways to save time and gas on everyday chores.

1. Sign Up for Quick, Easy Meal Kit Services

Meal planning can be exhausting. There are likes and dislikes, dietary restrictions, and the family budget to take into account. After all the planning, the last thing you want to do is fight grocery store crowds and then come home and cook. Between work and school pickup, cooking on weeknights may be one more chore than you care to handle.

If only there were a way to battle both the meal planning and cooking nuisances at once. Luckily, several companies have come out with meal kits that offer you nutritious, ready-to-cook meals with the ingredients already prepped. Just follow the easy instructions, and you’ll have a fresh-cooked meal on the table in under an hour. Simplify your life by having dinner arrive on your doorstep! 

2. Fill Prescriptions From Home

Nobody likes waiting in those long pharmacy drive-throughs. After you sit through a lengthy doctor’s appointment, why would you want to postpone getting home any longer? Plus there are all the carbon emissions as you sit there burning up $5-per-gallon gas. There has to be an easier way to get those medications filled.

Fortunately, there is. Mail-order prescription services are increasingly common; in fact, your health insurer may incentivize you to use them. You can also find a delivery service for other drugstore needs. For your convenience, it’s easy to find wellness items, vitamins, and even birth control online. Sit back and invest in your health from the couch. 

3. Revamp Your Wardrobe With Subscription Shopping

Dressing rooms are both a blessing and a curse. Finding clothes that are current and fit well can be a challenge for anybody. What could the solution be for this issue? You guessed it: another service sent straight to you.

Fashion subscription services have become a miracle cure for men and women who dread shopping for clothes. The selection is vast, and these services allow customers to try before they buy in the privacy of their own home.

4. Take Your Meetings at Home

Another new tool that can save you some commuting is changing some in-person meetings over to video. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual meetings have become commonplace. Even with most restrictions now lifted, they can still save everyone a trip in to the conference room.

And there’s no need to limit this tactic to work occasions. A virtual meet-up is a convenient and gas-saving way to quickly catch up with friends or keep other appointments. Consider what other encounters you can switch from in-person to on-screen today.

5. Get Your Groceries Without the Crowds

As noted earlier, grocery shopping can be a pain, yet starving to death isn’t very appealing, either. If meal kit subscriptions aren’t your thing, many grocery stores now offer delivery services. This way you can get what you need without the distractions of a busy store or losing precious time for yourself. 

Getting groceries sent to your door is also a great way to shop in bulk. You can save money by ordering large quantities at once, and you won’t have to wrestle items in and out of your car. You can stock up on what you need now and conserve your energy later. 

6. Share School Pick-Up Duties

One of the longest lines you likely ever wait in is the school drop-off and pick-up line. You might find yourself waiting on your kiddos for a good 45 minutes. If the boredom weren’t bad enough, there’s the thought of all those greenhouse emissions and your dwindling gas tank. Happily, there may be a solution to getting stuck in this line every weekday.

If you have become close with some families in your child’s class, it’s time- and resource-saving to arrange a carpool. Alternating days to take kids to and from school could save two or more families several long trips during the week.

7. Browse Your Favorite Stores From the Living Room

Just in case you didn’t notice, there seems to be a theme with these time-saving tips. E-commerce makes running most of your errands now as easy as clicking a button. While most people know about the online megastores like Walmart and Home Depot, brick-and-mortar establishments have upped their online game as well. 

Gone are the days of having to fill your online cart with mass-market goods from a big box store. Nor do you have to find parking on busy streets to shop at your favorite local boutique. Now you can skip the drive and lines and still support one-of-a-kind stores. 

8. Create Meaningful Fun at Home

You don’t want to plunk your children in front of a screen, but finding enriching entertainment for them can feel like a full-time job. Toting your kids to and from stimulating activities can take up hours of your week. 

While keeping children actively engaged is very important, it’s nice to give yourself a break every now and then. Subscription boxes for kids — packed with activities ranging from science to cooking to crafts — provide both. You get a respite, and your kids will be just as excited to receive their new box as they’d be going to the park!

Today’s world has found a way to keep us constantly on the go. Running around all day to complete errands can take up precious free time. Fortunately, technology has made many tasks easier for us. Ditching some daily errands by having things sent to your house is an amazing way to reclaim lost time. That way you can stop running through life and start enjoying it.

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