Who is Catherine Shelton? All about former attorney as CBS’ 48 Hours explores murders reportedly linked to her

Catherine Shelton

Catherine Shelton had AN odd history behind her with links to multiple deaths, beginning in 1969. This week, CBS’ forty eight Hours can explore the life and lies of 1 of the foremost fascinating figures in criminal history with the help of Jenna Jackson, a seasoned journalist who has been on and off this case for a protracted time.

Catherine Shelton has been coupled to multiple murders, all underneath mysterious circumstances, starting together with her initial husband Matt Quinlan, a Navy officer. Multiple such cases have remained unresolved to the present day.

Moreover, her current husband, Clint Shelton, is serving a time for a murder that he claims to own ne’er committed.

Catherine has been someone of interest for a protracted time, and therefore there are still several details undiscovered regarding the prolific defense attorney.

In short, Catherine never did anything, or a minimum of never paid the value of doing anything, however death has followed her and the individuals round her for decades. She initial came into the spotlight once being suspect of shooting her husband Matt. Catherine claimed that the gun accidentally went off.

some years once the incident, she started geological dating Saint George Tedesco in 1976. George was a doctor, and therefore the relationship quickly went into a rocky state. per reports, it absolutely was a violent relationship wherever he was terrified of Catherine.

In 1979, George was found crushed to death in his garage. Upon investigation, authorities found that Catherine had sued him for divorce after breaking up, claiming that she was his unwritten wife.

She was ne’er charged with murder, and the case remains unresolved to the present day. once this incident, she began dating a reporter, metropolis Taylor. Soon, the latter found her behavior to be suspicious ANd needed to finish things. However, Catherine referred to as him to her place and shot him. He did manage to flee and stop for help.

Catherine was eventually charged with tried murder, however here too, she managed to wiggle her manner out. Her initial trial complete with no results. Subsequently, the second trial found her guilty, but the judgment was turned by an appeal. She ended up with ten years of probation, out of that she served solely five.

within the following years, one among her shoppers was found dead. In 1981, she married Clint Shelton. The latter was conjointly sentenced to life on a murder charge. Since then, Catherine Shelton has maintained a coffee profile however continues to deny any relations to the crimes coupled to her.

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